SMT Components

Rush PCB handles a large variety of components suitable for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) while designing and/or assembling PCBs for our customers. This is because almost all the electronics we [...]

Selecting Lead-Free PCB Manufacturing Material

Selecting lead-free PCB manufacturing materials or rather, those that comply with the RoHS Directive, also requires considering the capability of the material to withstand high temperatures, and [...]

Importance of Laminates for PCBs

Although manufacturers must deal with several variables when fabricating a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) including the solder mask, silk screen, copper width and weight, laminates form the [...]

Qualifying a BOM

Although the electronic industry uses a Bill of Materials (BOM) to indicate a list of ingredients a product uses, the concept of a comprehensive BOM is still elusive to most people. To create a [...]

Best Practices for Solder Resist on PCBs

Rush PCB recommends using solder resist (the green coating) on the printed circuit boards (PCBs) as a primary protection against oxidation and corrosion. The presence of the solder resist [...]