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Located in Silicon Valley, US, Rush PCB Inc. offers low to high volume electronic manufacturing services. With expertise and experience in automotive such as control and infotainment modules, industrial applications such as payment and kiosk systems, and telecommunication-related equipment and devices for networking and computing equipment, we support full turnkey electronic manufacturing requirements.

Our Capabilities and Equipment

  • Solder paste printing equipment
  • In-line SPI or Solder Paste Inspection
  • Full SMT or Surface Mount Technology lines
  • In-line AOI or Automated Optical Inspection
  • Lead-free/Leaded wave soldering
  • Selective wave soldering
  • IR reflow soldering
  • ICT or In-Circuit Testing
  • Flying Probe Testing
  • Thermocycling

Rush PCB Inc. manufacture PCB’s and Assemblies with following factory certification:

  • ISO 9001:2015, ITAR, UL, and Cage Code
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • ISO 14001

Our Expertise

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has very stringent requirements of processes and operations, quality, and on-time deliveries. These are our priorities also and at the core of our rules of operations. As an electronics company and automotive PCBA manufacturer, we deliver high-quality services in design, engineering, and prototyping.

Check out our process-driven, result-oriented, expertise at your service, today.

Automotive electronics demand the highest level of quality. Electronics are the main contributors to the connected vehicle revolution. With our engineering and manufacturing services and electronic manufacturing services, we have developed high-end solutions for automotive electronics.

With our long experience as a contract manufacturer in the automotive industry, we bring our clients the best electronic manufacturing services starting from design, engineering, and prototyping to the introduction of new products, and mass production.

As an electronic manufacturing service provider, we cover numerous applications in the automotive industry:

  • EV and HEV
  • Chassis & Safety
  • ADAS
  • EV Charging Stations
  • PowerTrain
  • BMS
  • Body & Convenience
  • Infotainment
  • E-Mobility

Electronic Manufacturing ServicesCommunications Industry Specialists

We connect devices and help with networking and computing with various telecommunication protocols. With our long experience in contract manufacturing services, we offer high-end design, technology, engineering, and manufacturing services to the telecommunication industry. We have over two decades of experience in this specific market as an EMS company.

At Rush PCB Inc., we understand the challenges and complexities in this industry, and we are the experts in electronic manufacturing services for telecommunication. We are the experts of the PCBA or printed circuit board assembly services, manufacturing, and testing of telecommunication equipment.

In our smart factories, our experts and engineers manufacture products by bringing together advanced engineering intelligence and DFT analysis. We also offer PCB prototyping and testing.

As an electronic manufacturing service provider, we support several devices for telecommunications:

  • Servers and routers
  • Computing devices and equipment
  • RF and microwave
  • Data Storage
  • Data Centers
  • Transceivers and Transmitters
  • Fiber Optic Devices

Manufacturing Services for Industrial Applications

We cover industrial applications consisting of various technologies across numerous industries. Our offering starts from printed circuit board assembly and goes on to full product assembly and manufacturing. That means we deal not only with complex electronic circuit boards but also mechanical enclosures made from plastics or sheet metal.

As your EMS partner, we are the experts with years of experience in electronic manufacturing solutions.

Being a leader in our fields, an industrial electronics manufacturer, and an eminent electronic contract manufacturing company, we have integrated the latest technologies into our factories. This includes industry 4.0, automation, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, big data analytics, and IoT or Internet of Things.

Our capabilities include printed circuit board assemblies for:

  • Power Systems
  • Vending Machines
  • Devices and Equipment for Automation
  • Industrial Machines and ATMs
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • Electrical Transmissions
  • Test and Measurement Equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Equipment and Devices for Instrumentation

 Electronic Manufacturing Services for the Medical Industry

Our medical capabilities cover a wide range of specific segments, starting from handheld devices to diagnostic equipment, from finished product assembly to printed circuit board assembly.

A successful medical product is the result of a combination of key components like quality, processes, and traceability. As a contract manufacturing company, we have the requisite PCBA expertise, experience, and history to support our customers at each stage of the lifecycle of their products. With our relevant and certified facilities, we can support your growth at any stage.

We have been serving the medical industry from day one, and we have ingrained it in our DNA. We have ISO-certified facilities from where our electronic manufacturing services support medical industry pioneers worldwide.

Furthermore, we focus on all types of mix and volume projects and maintain regulatory compliance standards for our customers’ products. From eHealth equipment to imaging devices, we, an ISO-certified EMS company, deliver design, engineering, and manufacturing services to the medical industry.

Our capabilities include PCBA for:

  • Hearing aid devices and equipment
  • Sleep regulation systems
  • eHealth Systems
  • Point-of-care diagnosis
  • Diagnosis devices and equipment
  • Imaging devices and equipment

Being the leader in electronic manufacturing services companies, we, at Rush PCB Inc., have integrated AI or Artificial Intelligence and ML or Machine Learning into our processes. This has allowed us to improve our time and cost for manufacturing our customers’ projects. Starting from our quotation to daily mass production, we offer you our AI services. Our core expertise in electronic manufacturing and our innovative smart facilities all have their individual AI systems for handling supply chain complications, and for combining big data and machine learning. We innovate smart devices for our customers.

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