PCB Assembly Rework

Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework

Occasionally, BGA assemblies require modification, or rework. RUSH PCB has the know-how and experience with BGAs to do it right and preserve your assembly’s robust reliability.

Reworking and/or Replacing a BGA

PCB Assembly Rework, When reworking the solder connections underneath the BGA, its solder needs to be heated for reflow, without damaging the PCB itself or the other components on the board. This involves sending the heat to melt the solder through the BGA.

However, so that the PCB is not thermally shock, the rework process begins with preheating the circuit board. Once the PCB itself has  preheat, just enough extra heat is apply to the BGA to flow the solder underneath it, and then the BGA is remove from the PCB.

If the BGA is to be reuse, it has to be re-ball; the old solder is remove, and then new balls or spheres are attach to the BGA.

The newly re-ball  BGA is place onto the PCB assembly. The PCB is preheat again, and once the PCB is up to temperature, the BGA is give extra heat; reflowing the solder and forming new connections.

Only after the reworked printed circuit board is cleaned and inspected is it ready for shipment.

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PCB Assembly Rework