Flex Capability

Flex capability, Material selection, process tolerances, manufacturing logistics, and your flex supplier all play an important role in producing a cost-effective and reliable flex circuit design.

At Rushpcb will assist you in design for pcb manufacturing to minimize overall program costs. Listed are standard materials and capabilities.

Come speak with us should your design require tighter tolerances or special process treatments.

Manufacturing of flex capabilities

In pcb manufacturing of flex capability, PCB Company creates bare boards. For the past ten years and more, this has been the core of our business or flex capability.

In flex capability pcb, Whether you need a few custom PCB assembly boards fast, or many boards for your production schedule; whether you require simple breakout/pinout boards, or highly complex Microwave/RF boards, PCB supplier has a service for your needs.

Flex Capability
Material Selection
Process Capabilities and Tolerance

* Trace to edge distance should be greater than 0.003″ for proper copper insulation
** Laser defined apertures created by ablating cover layer material


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