Parts Ordering for PCB Assembly

For almost every PCB Assembly project that Rush PCB or PCB Assembly undertakes, the most frequently asked question we encounter is: How many parts need to be ordered to complete the assembly of boards.

As most projects are time-sensitive and high-reliability, this is a perfectly valid and especially important question—establishing the correct quantities accurately.

While we cannot expect the customer’s design and engineering personnel to know the way we mount and use tapes and reels of components on automated SMT pick-and-place equipment, scheduled processing and delivery requires a properly calculated consignment kit of components. It is impossible to maintain schedules for processing and delivery if proper quantities of components are not available. That is why we recommend Full Turnkey PCB Assembly for all types of PCB Assembly projects to all our customers—ensuring timely realization of the best quality of the product.

You can obtain a PCB & PCB-Assembly or Full Turnkey quote by emailing us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at [email protected] call us at 1 408-496-6013 if you need further Assistance.

PCB Assembly Component Quantities and Overages

To avoid delays in any assembly project, it is essential to have adequate quantities of components, with some extra numbers to take care of attrition and breakages. For this, we have created an overage ordering sheet to allow our customers to assess the quantity of each component they need to order according to its size:

SMD Component Quantity
Size/Footprint Total Requirement < 20 Nos. Total Requirement < 50 Nos. Total Requirement < 100 Nos.
01005 Order 150+ Order 200+ Order 250+
0201 Order 100+ Order 150+ Order 200+ or 250+
0402 Order 100+ Order 150+ Order 200+ or 250+
0603 Order 100+ Order 150+ Order 200+ or 250+
0805 Order 50+ Order 100+ Order 150+
1206 Order 50+ Order 100+ Order 150+

Most SMD resistors and capacitors are less than a few cents each. A couple of hundred SMD components on a strip will hardly cost US$5, but will allow the strip to be fed into the feeder. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay US$7 for a digi-reel.

However, for parts that are significantly expensive, the following guide may be useful for overage estimation:

Total Requirement Quantity
5 – 10 Nos. Order 3 Nos. extra
50+ Nos. Order 5 -10 Nos. extra
100+ Nos. Order 10 -20 Nos. extra

Please Note Murata and TDK supply smaller tape widths of 4 mm for 01005 SMD sizes. However, most cassette feeders are of the standard width of 8 mm, and the smaller width tapes do not fit properly. Hence, we cannot use the 4 mm tapes, and recommend not buying these 4 mm width tapes.

We have more resources at Turnkey PCB Assembly.

If you need more information about procurement processes and handling multiple component suppliers, please contact our PCBA experts. We will gladly offer you a proposal.

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