Selecting Lead-Free PCB Manufacturing Material

Selecting lead-free PCB manufacturing materials or rather, those that comply with the RoHS Directive, also requires considering the capability of the material to withstand high temperatures, and [...]

Reliability of Automotive PCBs

From being purely mechanical assemblies, automotive vehicles have progressed to include electronic parts. A top brand automotive vehicle today contains about 150 control units consisting mostly [...]

Difference Between DFA and DFM for PCBs

For increasing their market share, OEMs are resorting to bringing out new products and reducing their time-to-market. However, with component packages getting smaller, assembly designs getting [...]

Importance of DFMA Procedures for PCBs

Most industries use DFMA or Design for Manufacturing and Assembly techniques to mainly minimize product cost through improvements in design and process. Two procedures make up the term—Design for [...]

Selecting the Most Suitable PCB Contract Manufacturer

OEMs look for the best Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer possible when they want to source boards for their products. An Internet search for popular PCB manufacturers within a specific [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of PCB Surface Finishes

That Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have copper tracks and planes on them is a fact that all users of printed circuits and those within the PCB industry know. If left unprotected, the copper [...]

Difference Between PCB Prototyping & Standard Production

Eminent Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers such as Rush PCB offer two distinct types of service—PCB prototyping and standard PCB production. This is because electronic designs have [...]

Proper Component Placement on PCBs

The design of every Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is unique. Each PCB has its own requirements, and individual trade-offs on its design. Rush PCB recommends using basic guidelines for component [...]

Avoiding Common PCB Failure Modes

Considering that almost all modern electronic equipment make use of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), seemingly, PCB failures are hard to avoid. Although most PCB failures are unique in some way or [...]

Effective PCB Manufacturing Process for 2019

Rush PCB is a leading PCB manufacturer and assembler in the US. With several decades of experience in contract manufacturing and assembling PCBs, Rush PCB uses the latest and most effective [...]