PCB Manufacturing Requirements of 5G

Rush PCB expects a huge impact to the electronic industry from the Implementation of 5G in electronic devices, especially as the new technology offers very high data rates, leading to the [...]

Effective PCB Manufacturing Process for 2020

Rush PCB is a leading PCB manufacturer and assembler in the US. With several decades of experience in contract manufacturing and assembling PCBs, Rush PCB uses the latest and most effective [...]

Difference Between PCB Prototyping & Standard Production

Eminent Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers such as Rush PCB offer two distinct types of service—PCB prototyping and standard PCB production. This is because electronic designs have [...]

What is a Solder Joint?

Most of the solder the electronic industry uses today is of the lead-free variety, as use of lead has been recognized as a health hazard. Lead-free solder melts at a higher temperature, and has [...]

PCB Vias and Everything You Need to Know About Them

Looking at a complicated Printed Circuit Board (PCB) such as the motherboard of a computer, you are likely to find several tracks going nowhere, and terminated rather abruptly. However, a closer [...]

Preventing Corrosion in Printed Circuit Boards

Unprotected printed circuit boards (PCBs) corrode easily, making corrosion a major cause of failures for PCBs. Corrosion increases the resistance of copper tracks on a PCB, and when sufficiently [...]

How ESD Affects PCBs?

ESD or ElectroStatic Discharge damages both printed circuit boards (PCB) and electronic components. This happens when there is an accumulation of positive or negative charges on insulators or [...]

Trends in PCB Materials

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PCBs for Wearables and Ubiquitous Computing

The surge in popularity of fitness trackers and devices in the last few years has led to eminent PCB manufacturers such as Rush PCB produce Flex PCBs for wearable technology. The huge demand for [...]

High-Density Interconnect and Miniaturization in PCBs

Rush PCB can increase the functionality of your PCBs within the same or reduced area by using the latest technology—High Density Interconnect or HDI. The new PCB technology takes advantage of the [...]