Manufacturing PCBs for the Telecommunication Industry

Rush PCB understands that the modern telecommunication industry involves a lot more than just telephones and their related networks. The industry deals with many forms of communication devices, [...]

IPC Standards for PCBs

Rush PCB has established technological advances that allow manufacturing of complex Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) inexpensively. Since almost all electronic devices have at least one PCB as an [...]

What is First Article Assembly and Inspection?

Rush PCB offers first article assembly of PCBs at the most cost-effective rates compared to that from any other turnkey PCB assembly house. First article assembly and approval by the client [...]

Relationship between Copper Weight and Current Carrying Capacity

On Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) made by Rush PCB, the copper weight of a trace bears a direct relationship to the current it can carry. The current carrying capacity of the trace depends [...]

What PCBs Work Well in Harsh Environments?

Designers at RUSH PCB try to maximize the performance of printed circuit boards (PCBs) they make. Applications demand higher power densities and operating temperatures that can literally cook [...]

Interconnect Defects in PCBs

Improvements in laminate materials, routing density, and assembly techniques continue to drive the evolution of printed circuit boards or PCBs from eminent PCB suppliers such as Rush PCB. A [...]

Auditing a PCB Supplier

Rush PCB understands the importance of customers auditing the PCB supplier—an effective tool that potential customers use for assessing the qualifications of a supplier, one that helps build a [...]

Why Printed Circuit Boards need Outgassing?

Use of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) in ultra-high vacuum environments and during wave or hand soldering can release gases trapped within them. This is a concern when using PCBs in outer space, [...]

How Channel Operating Margin Helps High-Speed PCB Analysis

At Rush PCB, one of the requirements of designing high-speed electrical channels on a PCB is the evaluation of its performance. For instance, one may have high-speed data lines from the IC pins [...]

Problems with the Gerber File Format and Solutions

The world over, a majority of designers and fabricators follow the Gerber RS-274X as the de facto standard when designing and fabricating their PCBs. The evidence of its popularity [...]