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RUSH PCB is your one-stop shop for all types of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and Full Turnkey PCB Assemblies. We specialize in high layer count PCBs, Engineering Prototypes, and the full range of Electronics Manufacturing Services. Every PCB is built to the highest quality standards, including Rigid PCB, Flex PCB and Rigid-Flex PCB. All PCB assemblies are built and certified accordingly to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, J-STD-001, IPC-A-610E or ITAR compliance.  Our Electronic Assembly Service is unmatched anywhere in speed, quality, and workmanship. From bare circuit boards to box build and final assembly, RUSH PCB Inc. is your premier one-stop shop, with the most competitive pricing in the industry and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.




UPTO $500


Bare Board

PCB & Assembly


2 Layer $10 ea/
4 Layer $25 ea
Min 10 pcs


Flex PCB

Rigid Flex PCB

Turnkey Quote in minutes – Free Service

Upload BOM and get components Assy Labor & Bare Boards Prices
*Parts are quoted from Digikey, Mouser, Newark, Arrow & Avent( Authorised Parts Supplier)

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  • 11/14/2020
    Ron and Rush PCB team,

    Back in April, the Rush Team produced two different versions of 4-layer Flex PCB prototypes for us (60 rapid turn prototypes in all).

    The quality was EXCELLENT, and better than two other vendors who simultaneously produced the same project files for us.

    We have an updated version of the Flex Circuit we need to produce again, and want to place this business exclusively with RUSH, given your successful track record for us.

    Thank you in advance, we look forward to this next order.


    Chief Innovation Instigator

  • 9/4/2020
    Hi Sam,

    I received the re-re-worked boards yesterday, and tested them today. Both of them are now working perfectly.

    Thanks for your help,


  • 7/28/2020
    Dear Roy,

    I know you worked very hard to deliver the two flexes as promised on our tight deadline. I want you to know that I really appreciate it and that it means a lot to us.

    Thank you so very much.



  • 7/31/2020
    Hi Imran & RUSH PCB Team,

    We received our order a couple of weeks ago. The boards not only look great but also functional. We are very happy with the order and amazed by your communication/production speed.

    Besides that, as a senior undergrade in Electrical Engineering, not many people have the privilege of using an actual PCBA service. Thank you for your support and discount along the way that makes this possible for me and my lab!

    Bao Nguyen

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Major, Chemistry Minor

  • 7/15/2020
    Hi Imran & Rush Team,

    The boards were received, immediately populated and tested. Perfect work from RUSH, and perfectly on time.

    Thanks to the Rush team for excellent communication, and another JOB WELL DONE.


  • 7/9/2020
    Hi Ricky,

    I just wanted to take a moment to compliment the work of your rework person, who added the two wires to U6, U7, and U8. Wow! Perfect work! This person truly has some professional class PCBA rework skills.

    Can't believe how good of rework they can do, considering how short, tiny, & thin the wires are, and, the extreme tiny-ness of the (U6, U7, U8) IC pads they had to work with.

    This quality of work needs to be complimented and praised!

    Jerry Beckman

  • 5/13/2020
    Hey Imran / Roy,

    Been a bit busy since December. As I mam sure you folks at RushPCB have been.

    I hope this email finds you and RushPCB well.

    The Radiation test boards you produced, worked great. In general the radiation test was very successful. Athens continue to chug along regardless of pandemic.

    I am emailing you both with a technical question which should be easy for you to answer. What are the standard panel size/sizes you use in manufacturing PCB boards? I am asking so now and in the future I can optimize my board sizes to fit in standard panels.



  • 4/7/2020
    Hi Roy & RUSH Team,

    The Assemblies/chips works awesome guys!!! good work.

    George Lee,

    Senior Design Engineer

  • 03/24/2020
    Hi Imran,

    It's been a while. Small updates from our side - So far we used your boards our programs and successfully deployed hundreds of sensors in more than 13 countries in the world.

    Sibel also made a strategic partnership with Draeger, one of the largest medical companies in the world through investment, along with the existing partners of Gates foundation, pharma, and insurance companies.


    Ha Uk

  • Hi Imran,

    This email gives you the ok to start the ASSEMBLY of 200pc order. Please confirm receipt of this go ahead. Please provide updates as to current audit activity.

    We are extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of the 12pc. build. We haven’t seen this with any of our other quick turn houses on this particular project. All 12 boards came up without a single issue.

    Here is a couple of links to this product being discussed at the recent CES show. This build has provided our customer with the confidence needed to pull ahead.



    Thanks again,

    Chris Sadlers


RUSH PCB Inc. specializes in higher layer count PCBs, exotic materials, laser drill micro-vias, blind/buried vias, as well as conductive and non-conductive via fill.

Our staff engineers work with you, our customer, throughout the initial design and development process to ensure manufacturability, product quality, and consistency.


  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • PCB Assembly
  • PCB Design
  • Testing


What services do you offer?

Three basic Printed Circuit Board assembly services are offered by RushPcb Inc:
• PCB Fabrication
• Consigned PCB Assembly
• Full Turnkey Service.

At RushPcb Inc, we can run just a few boards, built up quickly, with flexibility in kitting the components.

At RushPcb Inc, we optimized for runs of up to 5,000 boards, this is our Production Assembly Service. Priced right, this is perfect for taking your finished design to market. When you have completed testing of your design, and are ready to start building your product in quantity, choose this product.

To see detailed benefits & requirements for each of our assembly services, please visit our Services Overview, or call RushPcb Inc at 408-496-6013 or email at for more information.

What are the requirements for service?

The requirements of RushPcb Inc assembly services,

We are most flexible on any services required by customer – little to no restrictions on PCBs, Parts, or Placements.

  • PCBs:
    • 500in X .500in (min)
    • X 23in. (max)
  • Parts:
    • Cut & Continuous tape – Min 6” Cut tape required.
    • Full or Partial Reels
    • Tubes
    • Trays
    • Thru-Hole parts on tape or in bulk
    • Placements: N/A
  • Data:
    • Gerber CAD Data with NC Excellon Drill file (ASCII format)
    • Bill of Materials (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, or tab-delimited text)
    • RS-274X Gerber files
    • Centroid (aka Pick-and-Place) file
What data (files) do you require for assembly orders?

Depending on the assembly service you are using, RushPcb Inc requires some or all of the following information:
• Gerber CAD Data with NC Excellon Drill file (ASCII format)
• Bill of Materials (.xls, .xlsx, .csv, or tab-delimited text)
• RS-274X Gerber files
• Centroid (aka Pick-and-Place) file

What are your technical capabilities? / What can you assemble?

You will find many of our standard capabilities here, but RushPcb Inc takes pride on being able to handle almost any job.
If you can’t find what you need here, call us at 1-408-496-6013 or email with your job specs, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Can RushPcb Inc order my parts?

Absolutely. If needed, RushPcb Inc provides Turn-Key service. We can order your parts, manufacturer Printed Circuit Boards, assemble the PCBs, test them, and provide the completed PCBs to you.
To see detailed benefits & requirements for each of our assembly services, please visit our Services Overview, or call RushPcb Inc at 1-866-784-5887 for more information.