• 3/20/2024

    Hi Imran, Roy,
    Wanted to say thank you for the excellent job on the Board order we received earlier this month. Assembly quality was very high…Fab quality was good…Cleaning was very good, no FOD, no flux residue etc - this has been a big problem recently with other vendors…pleased to see clean boards from Rush. Boards came in on 3/7 as communicated, met my very tight schedule and we delivered to our customer on time. No electrical issues found.
    Special shipping instructions were followed to reduce carrier risk.
    Looking forward to more orders with Rush, thanks again for the continued partnership.


  • 8/18/2023

    Imran, That sounds great, we have some parts that we will be sending early next week. no need to requote, just invoice us accordingly. The 5 CCA's we received last week looked really good, thank you!!

    You guys are top shelf, no doubt!!

  • 7/14/2023

    Hey Imran, I'm going to be moving on here from Tutamen, and just wanted to send you a little note. Looking back, I've been down here in VA Beach for eight years now. You and your team have been a key part of success in my career. I can't thank you enough for going above and beyond in many circumstances, and being patient with us through the growing pains of maturing our ordering process. My personal thanks to everyone at Rush, and I hope that we'll be able to do business again soon.

    Derek has already started to take lead on many of the orders at Tutamen, and I've made every effort to hand over the reins to him to ensure a smooth transition after I leave on the 27th. Best wishes to everyone at Rush for the future!


  • 6/21/2023


    Thank you so much for all your help here. The skills and expertise of your team are invaluable as we troubleshoot this early prototype design into a product. As I’m sure Meng has told you we are looking to a forecast quite soon in the thousands+ of product to support our first customers. I will follow along closely and would love to get the opportunity to come down and grab a coffee to see the shop. Thank you once again.


  • 6/21/2023

    Dear Roy,

    I would like to thank you for engaging Ricky, and the rest of your team so quickly. They have been highly responsive and true problem solving partners in getting us closer towards the deadlines and yields that we needed. CC, Dr Miller, our founders and CEO.


  • 09/23/2022

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to thank you for getting these to me prior to 9/28 and for another great job completed with great quality. Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Baruch Spence

    Principal Engineer

  • 08/20/2022

    Thank you. I would like to greenlight these specific boards by Monday so the sooner I can get a quote, the better. Please provide ANY alternative suggestions to out current BOM that you feel will suffice with production. I greatly appreciate the professionalism that you guys have shown me during this process, I look forward to doing business with you.

    Patrick Pastures


  • 08/20/2022

    Hello - I was off yesterday so I apologize for any delays. In general everything should be treated similar to the last job you did for us, but I understand and appreciate your explicit level of detail here. Please see by comments updated below in RED.


    Rich W.

    Senior Design Engineer

  • 08/04/2022

    I checked with engineering and they did confirm that it is the 8 kA - However, they say it will work, so it is ok to use the B72220S0271K101.

    Thank you again for finding these discrepancies! That is one of the reasons we choose Rush to do our assembly!!


  • 06/29/2022

    Thanks Imran!

    This is an incredible bulk of information and I watched the testimonial. I’ll reach back out again once we are closer on layout but no doubt on team’s capability to handle our board. Your capabilities make our board look too easy.

    for Science,

    Alex Krause

    Director of Hardware

  • 02/22/2021

    Hi Rush PCB, I don’t reach out much after receiving product, I also don’t receive much feedback when we ship out our designs to customers, but I just wanted to let you know I am one happy customer!!! The packaging was excellent, product is outstanding, and the quality measures you presented are such a great guarantee. Solder sample, cross section etc., all of these take time and am glad to see you have a quality assurance program that far surpasses most! It was also extremely easy to work with your team! THANKS FOR SUCH A QUALITY PRODUCT!! Thanks,

    Derek Biggs

    Engineering Manager

  • 12/18/2020
    Hi Imran,

    Picked up the boards today. They look great. Is there a receipt that we can get for our accounting?



  • 11/14/2020
    Ron and Rush PCB team,

    Back in April, the Rush Team produced two different versions of 4-layer Flex PCB prototypes for us (60 rapid turn prototypes in all).

    The quality was EXCELLENT, and better than two other vendors who simultaneously produced the same project files for us.

    We have an updated version of the Flex Circuit we need to produce again, and want to place this business exclusively with RUSH, given your successful track record for us.

    Thank you in advance, we look forward to this next order.


    Chief Innovation Instigator

  • 9/4/2020
    Hi Sam,

    I received the re-re-worked boards yesterday, and tested them today. Both of them are now working perfectly.

    Thanks for your help,


  • 7/28/2020
    Dear Roy,

    I know you worked very hard to deliver the two flexes as promised on our tight deadline. I want you to know that I really appreciate it and that it means a lot to us.

    Thank you so very much.



  • 7/31/2020
    Hi Imran & RUSH PCB Team,

    We received our order a couple of weeks ago. The boards not only look great but also functional. We are very happy with the order and amazed by your communication/production speed.

    Besides that, as a senior undergrade in Electrical Engineering, not many people have the privilege of using an actual PCBA service. Thank you for your support and discount along the way that makes this possible for me and my lab!

    Bao Nguyen

    Electrical and Computer Engineering Major, Chemistry Minor

  • 7/15/2020
    Hi Imran & Rush Team,

    The boards were received, immediately populated and tested. Perfect work from RUSH, and perfectly on time.

    Thanks to the Rush team for excellent communication, and another JOB WELL DONE.


  • 7/9/2020
    Hi Ricky,

    I just wanted to take a moment to compliment the work of your rework person, who added the two wires to U6, U7, and U8. Wow! Perfect work! This person truly has some professional class PCBA rework skills.

    Can't believe how good of rework they can do, considering how short, tiny, & thin the wires are, and, the extreme tiny-ness of the (U6, U7, U8) IC pads they had to work with.

    This quality of work needs to be complimented and praised!

    Jerry Beckman

  • 5/13/2020
    Hey Imran / Roy,

    Been a bit busy since December. As I mam sure you folks at RushPCB have been.

    I hope this email finds you and RushPCB well.

    The Radiation test boards you produced, worked great. In general the radiation test was very successful. Athens continue to chug along regardless of pandemic.

    I am emailing you both with a technical question which should be easy for you to answer. What are the standard panel size/sizes you use in manufacturing PCB boards? I am asking so now and in the future I can optimize my board sizes to fit in standard panels.



  • 4/7/2020
    Hi Roy & RUSH Team,

    The Assemblies/chips works awesome guys!!! good work.

    George Lee,

    Senior Design Engineer

  • 03/24/2020 Hi Imran, It's been a while. Small updates from our side - So far we used your boards our programs and successfully deployed hundreds of sensors in more than 13 countries in the world. Sibel also made a strategic partnership with Draeger, one of the largest medical companies in the world through investment, along with the existing partners of Gates foundation, pharma, and insurance companies.


    Ha Uk

  • Hi Imran,

    This email gives you the ok to start the ASSEMBLY of 200pc order. Please confirm receipt of this go ahead. Please provide updates as to current audit activity.

    We are extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of the 12pc. build. We haven’t seen this with any of our other quick turn houses on this particular project. All 12 boards came up without a single issue.

    Here is a couple of links to this product being discussed at the recent CES show. This build has provided our customer with the confidence needed to pull ahead.



    Thanks again,

    Chris Sadlers

  • Rush Team,

    We thank you all for all the efforts and getting our jobs completed on time.

    It has been pleasure to work with you all and much appreciate the feedbacks and quality work

    We wish you all and your families happy and safe holidays.


    V Khanna

  • Hi,

    Just an update that we've received the PCBs and they look great. The spares are much appreciated, and thank you for your services!

    Enjoy your day!


    John Dale

  • Good Morning Rush PCB Team,

    We received the PCBs we ordered this morning and I just wanted to commend the job that you guys all did. I have worked with a lot of full turn-key board houses and have never had an experience as positive as it was working with your team. From receiving a phone call from the sales team 5 minutes after requesting information, to the constant updates I received on progress and the no excuse attitude your team took.

    You have definitely gained a new customer and I will be recommending RushPCB to people in my network as well. Keep up the good work and thank you!

    Best Regards,


  • Good Day All,

    We received all boards.

    I would like to thank everyone for doing such an excellent job to meet our very tight schedule. I am sure meeting the schedule was challenging. You also did an excellent job!

    Thank you very much for all the effort you put into doing excellent work and meeting a tight schedule. It is very much appreciated.


    Mike Hauser

    Electrical Engineer

  • Hi RUSH Team & Roy,

    Thank you so much!! Please send our thanks to the PCBA & PCB team for getting this out on the 21st they’re unlocking great things!

    Kind regards,


    Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Hi Rush Team and Roy,

    Thanks to everyone for your help with these two boards. We are very impressed with your diligence and responsiveness.


    Senior Design Engineer

  • Hello Rush PCB Team,

    This is Jerry from Google again, and I really like your service a couple weeks ago.

    Hey, again, I am interested in using your service for 6 layer, one mm thick board.

    Same stack up but just different antenna pattern which has top and bottom layer stitched together in antenna region.

    And if I just want a panel (4 boards) or two boards, what is the fastest option?



  • Hi Ricky, We received the 10 Assemble boards and I wanted to let you know they look great! Thank you! Now that you probably have a flow going, do you know yet at what rate we can expect them back?


  • Hello Imran and everybody else,

    Thank you for your amazing job with "Charger-14_C"! I checked connections and it looks as everything is right! I am very impressed, especially with U1 and U2 units. I will let you know how it works after I finish debugging.

    I would like to ask you what was more difficult to do and how I can improve the design for the next time.

    Lev Freidin

    Senior Design Engineer

  • Hi Roy, I want to voice my appreciation for the initial ramp up of the fabrication, the team at Rush PCB had great communication with us, and we have noticed 0 fabrication/assembly issues with the boards as we've been going through bring up, saving us potentially days/weeks of debugging. I appreciate you guys taking the time to clear this up, and look forward to working with you guys again.

    Jake Vander Ploeg


  • Hi Imran, We are also doing well, thanks for asking. We had very successful month of May thanks to you and boards what you fabricate/assembly. I expect that in the near future (July-August) we will have a few more designs for the next designing cycle. We will definitively used Rush PCB as board fabricator and assembly house. Thanks


    Sr. Design Engineer

  • I received the remainder of the flex boards late last week. Thank you very much for the delivery and the VERY NICE work. Everyone here is impressed. You are making me look good. Could I trouble you for the status of the stencils please? I placed that order last Thursday. Thanks.

    Ted Stokes

    Sr. Applications Engineering Manager

  • Just wanted to commend you guys on your work on our PCB's. They look great and perform just as they should.We will be using you guys more in the future for our PCB order.

    Zane L. Brown

    Senior Product Designer

  • I just wanted to say thanks for the good work on the quick turn PCB that we just placed with you guys. The quality is great, and I appreciate how easy it is to deal with you guys. Thanks again,


  • We have the Boost and Rectifier assembled boards in - so far they look excellent. Great work guys.


    Design Engineer

  • Just finalizing this now and you will have it to you shortly. As for the PO for the 10 pcs, we don't require this at this point. Any parts you cant obtain, I may have stock here and can put them on myself Thanks !!! PS. Last Turnkey job of the other boards was excellent quality

    Robert Patterson

    Engineering Supervisor, TPMS

  • I’ve received the 12 layers Polyimide assemblies. Beautifully done PWAs; Boards and Assembly workmanship is very impressive. Thanks!

    Ron M.

    Design Engineer

  • Got those four boards and once again, perfect! Thanks for such great service!!

    John DeCesare

    Design Engineer

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did. We are about 50% through our testing and everything looks great so far. This high quality and speed on this job has really made a difference in achieving our ramp and time-to-market schedule. Thanks!


    Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Thanks! I am looking forward to getting the boards and building/selling them. You've earned some serious customer loyalty, that's for sure!

    Les Hall

    Senior Design Engineer

  • Thanks. I'm really behind the eight ball on this one.. Anything you can do! By the way those quick 3 days turn boards & assembly you did are working perfectly!


    CFO/Senior Design Engineer

  • You guys are an incredibly quick, professional and reliable service and I recommend you at every opportunity inside my company (we are growing very quickly). Your turn around on these boards is greatly appreciated. It is a direct contribution to our manufacturing capability. I will be happy to point you to some press releases when this product goes to market and show where you guys added in. The design was not easy to build with laser drill, 3 mil line and spacing, control impedance, 663 parts per board, Total of 80 BOM line items. You guys turn around full Turnkey in 5 days….Amazing work.


    Senior Design Engineer

  • I received the cards today and tested them and they’re perfect.... thank you!

    Larry Kirby

    Design Engineer

  • The boards you produced are working very well, 24/7 for more than a week now. The people who offered a cheaper system then we can build have told us that they really can't. So we are back into building our own systems. We have modified the previous design slightly and I need 1250 pcs full turnkey in 10 days of the attached gerbers. Can you please give me a quote ASAP?


    Sr. Design Engineer

  • The workmanship coming in has been so flawless that I recently reduced our incoming inspection to a sampling plan. So now we only look at a few out of an entire lot rather than every board you ship per week! Nice work!! Regarding lunch…. I’m never great at forecasting my availability so I say your best bet is plan it out with Tom and I will try to tag along.


  • Thank you again very much for the huge effort for keeping the shop open on holidays for our assemblies. Two boards programmed perfectly. We don't know yet if everything is OK but it is a fabulous beginning.The soldering looks beautiful under the stereo microscope.


  • It is really nice to know that before we assemble everything on the PCB. Your PCB planning team really did a nice work by carefully revising/correcting my design. I can even see you changed my silkscreen fonts for better view, which may take quite a lot of time and effort.


  • I've just completed testing and the boards look and function very well! Thank you for working with me though this process, and getting the boards out on time despite some timing challenges with one of the parts vendors ( handling the one through-hole part I accidentally sent you). I have enjoyed working with you and will look to use RushPCB for more of my PCB and assembly needs.

    Don Kark

  • Everything powered-up, programmed, and the amplifiers look in the range I wanted. Good job.

    Mike Lindsey

  • We tested the assemble boards and they work and look great. Just want to say thanks a lot for making them on time and we look forward with doing business with you again.

    Avinash Pai

    Senior Design Engineer

  • I got all the assemble boards. Quality is really good, thank you very much.


    V.P. Enginerring

  • That is a great Full Turnkey price - I saw your quote after going with another bid, I never dreamed you would be as competitive as the other shop (and they'll take twice as long).

    Christian Miller

    R&D Engineering Manager

  • I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for the support in the recent fab and assembly of the three pcbs that we were able to get on an extremely tight schedule. You guys definitely came through for us and your team was very easy to work with and the availability and communication was first rate. And most importantly, all of the boards turned out great – the quality was excellent and we yielded 100% of the boards that were built! You definitely helped us get past a critical milestone of our project.

    Greg Geerling

    Principal Field Applications Engineer

  • Just got the boards, they look really good and appear to be fully functional.

    Michael R. Klimek

    Principal Systems Engineer, Optical Security and Performance Products

  • We received the reworked ETR_3PHASECURRENTSENSE_REVA PCBs, and they look great. Thank you so much for completing the rush job in one day and getting the boards sent back to us promptly!

    Shaun Snyder

    Senior Electrical Engineer

  • We received the board yesterday. They look great!! I appreciate everything your company did to get these built quickly and efficiently!

    David Roney

    Senior Printed Circuit Board Designer

  • This is exultant work, there is some minor changes. These changes will help us in assembly level at our end. Francis is checking on his end to give you his feedback. ! We are 98% there. Awesome JOB !!!

    Victor M Valenzuela

    VP of Product Development

  • I received the new batch of assemble Audiocom boards yesterday and all indications are you did a great job!

    Gary Baker

  • Thank you for finishing the boards yesterday and providing prompt notification and tracking information. The boards were delivered today.


  • I just programmed the new flex and they are functioning 100%. Excellent Job Team !!

    Victor M Valenzuela

    VP of Product Development

  • I would like to thank Roy for his time the other day on my various technical questions. It was very helpful Thanks for all your support through-out the year.

    Stevan Davidovich

    General Manager and Principal Engineer

  • We received the parts today and as usual they are perfect! Thanks again for your support. Hope to work with you guys soon.

    Saurabh Wakchaure

    Assistant Engineer

  • Just wanted to let you and your team know that we received the full EP4&5 boards and the look and work great. Please let everyone know we are happy with your service.

    Vince Rizzo

  • Synapse does a lot of boards and assembly so I hope more business comes your way. I always found you guys very responsive and to have high quality work.


    Senior Hardware Engineer


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