Manufacturing Process of Printed Circuit Boards

For anyone involved in the electronics industry, the process followed for manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is very important. This is because PCBs are the very basis of all electronic [...]

Problems with the Gerber File Format and Solutions

The world over, a majority of designers and fabricators follow the Gerber RS-274X as the de facto standard when designing and fabricating their PCBs. The evidence of its popularity [...]

How does Conductor Surface Roughness matter?

In RF circuit design, it is necessary to select the proper Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material for the application. In this context, modern simulation tools such as Computer Aided Engineering [...]

Ten-Layer High Density Interconnect Board from Rush PCB Inc.

The advent of revolutionary new products, driven by miniaturization of components and semiconductor packages supporting advanced features, is driving the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry to [...]

Preventing Delays During Your PCB Fabrication

Delays in your printed circuit board fabrication can be costly and time-consuming.  In today’s world, they are a commodity that there is never enough of.  Believe it or not, there are [...]

New High-Density, Direct Connection for PCB’s

A new high-density direct connection for printed circuit boards has been placed on the market by Phoenix Contact.  Dubbed the SDDC 1.5 connection system it offers four to thirty-two [...]

Essential Steps To Know About BGA

But although these 3d printed structures are cheap and easy to implement they can lack efficiency. They can be made complex, but for the moment complex 3d printed PCBs are difficult to produce in [...]

View on PCB Design and Implementation today and in the future

PCBs are the cornerstone of just about all modern electronics, and they evolve along with the rest of the field. So what is the future of the PCB? The first things we’re likely to see is PCBs [...]

PCBs – High Quality Design

    Almost every electronic item around you consists of one or more Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). PCBs hold components and also provide connections between these components. So, if [...]

Mistakes that are Often Made in PCB Design

There are many steps to finalizing the design of a PCB. Engineers who are aware of the risks in design and can plan for them will have a more productive output. These are some of the common ways [...]