Printed Circuit Board Components Identification — Rush PCB

Rush PCB makes several types of printed circuit boards, along with PCB assemblies. For our customers it is necessary they can identify common circuit board components. This identification may be [...]

High Quality PCB Etching Techniques

Rush PCB places great emphasis on proper PCB etching techniques, as etching is one of the most important processes in PCB manufacturing. PCB manufacturers use etching to decide the amount of [...]

Importance of PCB Trace Width During PCB Design — Rush PCB

Rush PCB assigns great importance to the correct sizing of PCB traces during PCB design. This involves not only the PCB trace width but several other important factors as well, like trace length [...]

Which is Better for PCBs — Potting or Conformal Coating?

For protecting a PCB, Rush PCB offers a few options—potting with encapsulation resins or conformal coatings. For both, we use organic polymers to provide the necessary chemical and thermal [...]