Effective Component Management for PCB Manufacturing at Rush PCB USA


Working with Rush PCB USA saves time and inventory costs for our customers. We strive to reduce the loss of components during assembly, it is important to consider how customers buy components. Rather than buying multiple short strips or loose strips of components, buying them in large continuous strips or in reels, means we will lose less during the setup of the PP machine.

Buying large continuous strips or full reels can also enable customers to take advantage of considerable price breaks. We will return any excess components left over during manufacture to the customer or use them on subsequent production runs of the board.

For low volume runs, the cost of attrition tends to be rather high. For 1-10 boards, attrition can contribute to around 5-20% of the material cost. However, with higher volume runs, say, upwards of 100 boards, this percentage drops down to less than 1%.

When we consider attrition levels for components, we prefer to overestimate as the expenses associated with buying a few extra components can often be far lower than the costs associated with stopping the production line, along with the related delays.

Of course, we also prefer to not set the attrition levels too high, as this might raise the upfront cost of manufacturing the board, thereby making the cost/board prohibitively high to manufacture.

Although setting the equilibrium right with attrition levels is tough to achieve, we, at Rush PCB US, have substantial experience in managing attrition. We have handled kitting for several complex small- and large-scale board assemblies.

Our requirement for extra components in kitting is as follows. (The Total Quantity is the maximum of Minimum Extra Quantity and Percent Extra Quantity):

Required Qty 100 Change the Required Qty to calculate Total Qty
Component Type Size Percent Extra Qty. Min. Extra Qty. Total Qty. Comments
SMT Passives 1005 50.00% 100 200 We will accept individual SMT component line items only in a single running tape – a minimum of 6-inch long mini-reel / reel / cut tape.

If not available on reels or cut tape, we will accept them on Trays. As a last resort we will accept them in Tubes.

0201 50.00% 50 150
0402 25.00% 20 125
0603 15.00% 20 120
0805 10.00% 10 110
1206 10.00% 5 110
SMT Actives Width<=0.5mm 20.00% 20 120
Width=0.6 to 0.9 mm 10.00% 10 110
Width=1.0 to 1.5 mm 10.00% 5 110
Width=1.6 to 1.9 mm 5.00% 5 105
Width=>2.0 mm 5.00% 2 105
Through-Hole DIP Ics Small ICs 5.00% 2 105 We will accept all Through-hole (DIP) ICs only in trays or tubes or continuous tapes.
Others 2.00% 1 102
Hardware – Screws. Nuts, Washers Cost
10.00% 5 110
US$0.5 to US$1.95
5.00% 2 105
2.00% 1 102


We will construe insufficient attrition as parts shortage.

Customers must ship all consigned parts to us in a properly kitted form, with each line item of the BOM in a separate bag. Please mark the bag properly to allow us to identify the component unambiguously.

Please supply kits for multiple jobs in separate bags. Identify the bags by appropriate assembly order numbers.

Please ship all parts to Rush PCB Inc, 500 Yosemite Drive, # 106, Milpitas, CA 95035, USA. Ensure that we receive them by 1:00 PM PST. For any board received after the cut-off time, we will begin work the following day.

Always include Order Number or Quote Number with all shipments.

For all extra components, we will charge an additional minimum fee.