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DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and college students usually find it difficult to locate a PCB manufacturer who offers low volume quantities and prototypes at reasonable prices. Rush PCB Inc understands the requirements of hobbyists. We also offer PCB fabrication and assembly services at the lowest possible costs. We focus on fabrication and assembly of prototype PCBs, and this makes us a suitable manufacturer not only for corporations, but also hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts.

For clients who wish us to make smaller orders, we also offer our bare PCB fabrication and full-turnkey services. Our minimum order for bare PCBs is one piece, although we suggest starting with three, as this allows testing the boards against each other for troubleshooting potential issues. For full-turnkey services, we ask for five pieces minimum quantity. In our turnkey services, we cover the manufacturing and assembly processes completely.

At Rush PCB Inc, we make all our PCBs to a high standard. We electrically test all our boards to ensure they do not include any shorts or opens. We understand that a printed circuit board is the heart of any electronic device for it to function as intended.

Many hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts build their own circuit boards at home. This is good enough for simple circuits, but as their circuits become more complicated, they look for more sophisticated tools. On the Internet, several free applications are available for schematic design and layout drawing. However, when it comes to PCB fabrication, even for low volumes or prototypes, most look for professional service at reasonable prices.

PCB Manufacturer for Hobbyists & College Students

We offer our customers professional services for all types of jobs, including making prototype boards. We offer high-quality materials, fast turnaround times, and one-on-one customer services. We have simple manufacturing processes, and offer professional-grade fabrication. Thus, our hobbyist customers receive service as professional businesses do, but at prices suitable for hobbyists.

At Rush PCB Inc, we serve an open hardware community. To us, it does not matter whether our customers are just learning or planning something large scale. Our services for hobbyists cover all their needs.

Quality of Materials

Hobbyists typically want prototypes or minimum quantities. However, for us, it does not mean they should get low-quality materials. We always ensure all our customers receive the same high-quality materials, irrespective of whether they are hobbyists or enterprises.

The materials we offer for circuit boards are suitable for all industries. Our PCBs cover starting from medical industries to aerospace and various industrial applications. Our materials are high-grade in all aspects.

Very Fast Prototyping

We understand that hobbyists want a quick turnaround time, as they are impatient to test their project. The longer we make our hobbyist customers wait for their boards, the less time they have for testing their projects. That is why we offer very fast prototyping turnaround times.

For instance, we can manufacture prototype PCBs within 24 hours for simple boards. But  for more complex prototype boards, we require about three days, and for production quantities, we may need about 10 days.

One-on-One Customer Service

For us, customer service is an important function, whether we are servicing a hobbyist or a professional. Our one-on-one customer service will oversee functions like PCB design, prototype fabrication, and manufacturing for all customers alike.

For instance, irrespective of quantity, all customers can expect receiving their products from us on schedule. This is because we proudly maintain our delivery time rate to over 99 percent. For us, it does not matter whether the project is large or small, our target is on-time shipping, for every order.

Simple Manufacturing Process

Hobbyists typically prefer to keep their PCB designs as simple as possible. Even for a complex design, they still want a simple and uncomplicated manufacturing process.

We have simple and environment-friendly manufacturing processes that offer a seamless transition from raw materials to the finished product. Our processes use lower quantities of water, and our philosophy is to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible for a professional grade fabrication.

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Rush PCB USA is always innovating and exploring new ways of making PCBs and keeping our customers delighted. Whether you are a professional, a college student, or a hobbyist, your designs matter, and we always strive to surpass our customers’ expectations.