Full Turnkey PCB Service

When businesses and startups want to make use of printed circuit boards, they may face certain challenges in assembling them. Apart from having an in-house team, they need dedicated machinery, and they must also carry a large inventory. For such situations, Rush PCB Inc offers a unique solution—full turnkey PCB service.

Our full turnkey PCB service is an efficient and cost-effective solution for converting bare boards to fully assembled ones in the shortest lead times possible.

Turnkey PCB Service

The word turnkey in our product or service implies it is ready for the buyer to operate. When applied to PCB assembly, turnkey service means we handle all aspects of the PCB project on your behalf—we fabricate the bare circuit board, procure all components and parts, assemble the PCB, test it, and make the deliveries.

At Rush PCB, our turnkey PCB service typically makes use of cloud-based software along with state-of-the-art machinery to assemble circuit boards far more effectively and in greater volumes than most businesses and startups can handle on their own.

Why Turnkey PCB Service?

The most obvious advantage of turnkey PCB service is that the customer can focus their unwavering attention on continual innovations. This being their core functionality, they can excel in innovations rather than divert their resources to assembling boards. For instance, they can avoid sharing time and energy in locating optimum components, tracking and procuring them, setting up an expensive and dedicated assembly line, and putting together an exclusively skilled team for assembling the boards. Other significant benefits of our turnkey services include:

Cost Reduction

When you have a turnkey contract with us, we do not charge you extra for freight delivery to an assembly workshop, as we have an in-house setup. This saves you a significant amount of money. We also have excellent working relationships with several component manufacturers and high-repute distributors. Therefore, we can always get you better prices for your BOM.

Streamlined Management

For most businesses, dealing with multiple suppliers can be stressful and a drag on their  resources. Our turnkey PCB service reduces your chances of miscommunication with your suppliers, simply because we handle that part. That also reduces the possibility of your project’s timeline derailment and the resulting financial wastage.

We provide you with a single point of contact. We conduct all business through this contact. This way, we not only lighten the burden of managing the assembly of your boards, but also provide you with the peace of mind to enable you to proceed with your core strengths.

Identification of Issues

Our turnkey PCB service has the advantage of early identification of potential issues well before the circuit board goes into any product. This is a major time- and money-saving advantage. As a part of the process, the all documents you have submitted go through a checking process to identify any errors that may be present. If we locate any errors, we offer you an opportunity to rectify them before we commence with production.
Full Turnkey PCB Service

Partial and Full Turnkey Service

Our turnkey service is available in two flavors—full and partial. We offer our partial turnkey service as a form of consignment manufacturing. In partial turnkey service, you can outsource a part of the assembly process. As a technology developer, you retain responsibility for a part of the supply chain—in purchasing or assembly. In our consignment model, the customer, as a technology developer, is in charge of partially obtaining, sorting, and packaging materials for delivery to us, the final assembler.

For instance, you may already have some necessary BOM parts on hand. Our partial turnkey service can expedite the manufacturing process for you, thereby saving some of your expenses. When you do not have any parts, do not have the resources to order them, and do not want to take up the hassles of assembly, our full turnkey assembly services are the most appropriate option for you.

With our full turnkey PCB assembly service, we undertake the entire job of fabricating and assembling your circuit boards together. We source the BOM and generate the circuit order. You only have to provide us with:

  • A complete Bill of Materials
  • All Gerber Files
  • Accurate Product Dimensions
  • Unambiguous Packaging and Shipping Information

Even when you do not have all the necessary information listed above, we can help you.  Consider our full turnkey service more as an investment than a consignment service, as we can help to significantly improve your experiences with acquiring functional PCBs, especially when you are new to PCBs and acquiring them.

Why Rush PCB Inc Full Turnkey Services?

Working with a supplier of turnkey services for your product line requires you have a partner you can trust. Rush PCB Inc is an ISO 9001 certified company with several years of experience in fabricating, assembling, and testing printed circuit boards. Not only do we have the latest advanced machinery capable of handling all your fabrication, electronic assembly, and testing needs, we have a dedicated team of experienced and talented personnel to deal with all types of prototyping and high-volume production.

With excellent attention to details, and the constant drive to raise the bar consistently, Rush PCB Inc is your ideal partner for dealing with your most complex projects.

You can obtain a PCB & PCB-Assembly or Full Turnkey quote by emailing us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at [email protected] call us at 1 408-496-6013 if you need further Assistance.