Manufacturing PCBs for the Telecommunication Industry

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Rush PCB understands that the modern telecommunication industry involves a lot more than just telephones and their related networks. The industry deals with many forms of communication devices, networks, and their security. For instance, security in the telecommunication industry is in a burgeoning state and includes the latest in technology such as bio-metrics for facial recognition and retinal scan systems.

The telecommunication industry requires the necessary platforms for the new and evolving systems they are presently using and those they will be using in the future. Rush PCB provides the most advanced electronic designs they undertake for the telecommunication industry. We create the advanced printed circuit board (PCB) designs that these devices need, and as an experienced contract manufacturer, we build and assemble these PCBs as well.

Telecommunication pcb

For instance, Rush PCB specializes in new product introduction such as:

  • PCB materials and processes that can support the environment in which the new products will operate
  • Providing components with life expectancy and availability to meet requirements of the new product.
  • Access to qualified and experienced engineering resources for design
  • Recommendations for DFM or Design for Manufacturing to benefit the product

Above all, Rush PCB understands the telecommunication industry’s requirements for their assemblies to operate within defined ranges of environmental conditions. To this extent, we gear our manufacturing and testing processes to ensure all boards to conform to the above requirements.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Our manufacturing and assembly processes can meet the stringent demands of the telecommunication industry. We understand the tight controls you require for PCB manufacturing and validation, and we follow a set process, thereby ingraining these qualities in our core business values:

Latest Technology: Rush PCB offers the latest in manufacturing technology. This includes SMT for compact and lightweight products, and Through-Hole components for older technologies. Our PCBs are RoHS compliant, and we use Lead-free solder to assemble our boards.

Manufacturing Processes: At Rush PCB, we have developed and refined our proprietary manufacturing and assembly processes over many years while building products for the telecommunication and other similar industries.

Test and Validation: We have designed our test and validation processes to provide superior conformance on the PCBAs we build for you. We ensure our finished boards function to meet your specific requirements. We have highly accelerated life testing and stress screening methods to confirm all your boards will operate in the intended environment.

Final Assembly: We not only offer prototypes, but also assemble PCBs turning them into functioning products.

Full Turnkey Assembly: Rush PCB can handle the entire contract manufacturing for the telecommunication industry., starting from PCB design, fabrication, component procurement, final assembly, testing, and drop-shipment. As a dedicated supplier of turnkey solutions, Rush PCB can help bring your products to market with the minimum hassle and expense.

Repeat Orders: Our well-established methodology ensures no changes to the design without your approval. This way, we can provide you repeat quantities even after several years, ensuring they will perform without change from the original first order.

Highly Flexible

Just as in other major industries, the telecommunication industry is also reducing the size of their devices, while providing maximum mobility. We design our PCBs to meet these requirements, while supporting various additional features for the advancement of the telecommunication industry.

For instance, apart from the usual FR4 type rigid boards, Rush PCB is also an expert in producing:

Rush PCB is a full-service electronic contract manufacturer. For the telecommunication industry, we provide high-performance PCBs. Our vast experience in designing PCBs for the telecommunication industry allows us to provide the best services possible.

ISO Certified

Rush PCB is ISO 9001 certified with an established Quality Management System that reduces errors without compromising quality or productivity. At Rush PCB, we take the time to understand your requirements and prioritize our services accordingly—we can rush a prototype into production or source the best enclosure for your product.

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