How You Can Avoid PCB File Errors

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Avoiding PCB (Printed Circuit Board) file errors begins in the very first stage of creating the PCB, the design process. If there is an issue with the original concept or PCB design it usually is not discovered until it has reached the manufacturing stage. Relying on an expert team that will catch any errors in the design is a key factor in saving time, money, and aggravation.  It will also ensure that the end product will be exactly what you need. Some common mistakes that will negatively affect your board that is made when the design is submitted for manufacturing are the failure to submit drill files, silkscreen files empty or not received, and not supplying the appropriate outline.

Drill Files

If drill files are not included or the size of the holes necessary is not specified, then you are asking for delays in the manufacturing process, and you will receive them. Without receiving this information, a quality PCB manufacturing company will not be able to successfully complete your printed circuit board accurately. This will stop the entire project and set back its anticipated completion date. Ensuring that you have supplied this information will help ensure a quality product that will not result in a PCB file error.


If the appropriate areas of the file are not included or are received empty, you will run the risk of experiencing file errors in your printed circuit board. This mistake will be identified if you have selected an expert fabrication company they will find the error, however, this type of mistake is not easily identified. If your experts offer prototypes, this most likely will not be an issue since they will be able to compensate for this for this deficiency in the design and will also avoid file errors.

Appropriate Outline

This is an essential part of the design. If the PCB manufacturer does not receive the mechanical outline they will be unable to even supply you with an estimate, let alone begin to work on a quality project. In this case, a printer circuit board file error will not be an issue because you won’t have a circuit board. The importance of this detail cannot be stressed enough,

We have discussed three ways to avoid PCB file errors. Providing all the information necessary to the manufacturer you have chosen is a key to the success of its creation as well as its functionality once it has been completed. Avoiding these mistakes will pay off in the long run and ensure that you receive the product you are paying for. The second part of this equation is also performing your due diligence and finding a fabricator that specializes in printed circuit boards. They need to be able to identify issues early on and communicate with you about any issues that may arise during the projects phases. Otherwise, you may be sorry with the end result on the design you have worked so hard to create.