Advantages of Using a Consultancy for Circuit Board Manufacturing

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Using a consultancy such as Rush PCB Inc. for PCB manufacturing services has its own advantages. PCB manufacturing involves several processes including etching, engraving, multi-layer processing, drilling, masking, surface treatments, and electrical testing. Most OEMs are specialists in the products they manufacture, but have limited knowledge about the PCB itself that they use in their product—its technology or the processes involved in PCB manufacturing. Therefore, circuit board manufacturers offer their consultancy services to enable OEMs achieve the best performance from each PCB. For instance, some enterprises need PCBs made from Polyimide for flexibility, some need them made from Arlon for longer life in high operating temperatures, and others need sophisticated HDI PCBs for compact high-speed applications.

Consultancy Services

Not only as a circuit board manufacturer, a consultancy provides useful services when OEMs face design and development delays related to a PCB or PCB assembly. Occasionally, the consultancy also has to involve itself in root-cause analysis investigations should a failure occur related to a PCB, its assembly, soldering, or even component placement issues. By selecting a consultancy that is highly experienced and passionate about all facets of electronic assembly and PCB manufacturing, the OEM can quickly get up to speed on the issue. A good consultancy uses the best industry practices and provides actionable solutions to eliminate the delays located.

Technical Expertise

By using special equipment such as 3D X-Rays, PCB manufacturing services can investigate faults such as those occurring in PCB vias and through-holes. Technical analysis equipment can provide sufficiently high levels of sophistication to interpret data from X-rays, apply it to the scope of the problem, and make suitable recommendations to resolve the issue.

Fabrication Experience

With over two decades of experience in PCB manufacturing, assembly, and testing, PCB manufacturing services such as Rush PCB Inc. offer their specialty and passion to assist technical teams understand specific methods PCB manufacturing involves. This allows OEMs avoid poor design and process decisions, manufacturing difficulties, expensive non-conformances, and productivity delays.

Certification to International Standards

When selecting a consultancy for circuit board manufacturing, OEMs need to look for those with certification to international standards such as the IPC-A-600. As most electronic products depend on a PCB, the IPC-A-600 standard defines the acceptability of printed boards for workmanship quality and sets comprehensive acceptance criteria.

Therefore, certification to IPC-A-600 implies the consultancy is serious about product quality and capable of identifying sources of non-conformance in their fabrication processes. Compliance to IPC-A-600 training and certification ensures the PCB manufacturing services provided by the consultancy reduces the risk of placing expensive components onto a defective PCB, reducing scrap, and facilitating more effective communication with OEMs. Consultancies with certification to international standards are more likely to employ experienced engineers, quality inspectors, and purchasing professionals to properly define PCB requirements, specify purchasing requirements, and detect non-conformances.

Global Supply Chain Development

With a suitable consultancy for PCB manufacturing services, OEMs can expect a positive impact on the quality and delivery of products to their worldwide customers. A good consultancy can identify quality component suppliers tailored to the specific requirements of the PCB, assembly applications, and product type.

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Production Services

Consultants to PCB manufacturing services such as Rush PCB Inc. can act as a one-stop source for any type of PCBs required by OEMs, including rigid boards, flexible boards, rigid-flex boards, and HDI boards. Apart from being expert circuit board manufacturers, they offer full turnkey PCB assembly services as well.

The above includes high-layer-count PCBs, prototypes, and production quantities for short runs, medium runs, and long runs. If required, they will accept the designs from the OEM, ensure the PCBs confirm to international standards, and assemble them exactly to the specifications set by the OEM.

OEMs using an experienced circuit board manufacturer as a consultancy can expect advantages such as minimum delays, with each PCB being built to the highest quality standards, and circuit board assemblies meeting the OEM requirements. They can expect PCB assemblies for flex and rigid-flex PCBs to match their schedules with unmatched quality and workmanship. The consultancy offers their expert services right from bare circuit board fabrication to box build and final assembly.