Why RushPCB is the Leading PCB Manufacturer in USA

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Leading PCB Manufacturer in USA

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As a US based Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, RushPCB delivers the utmost quality and value, both for low number PCB prototypes or large volume production lots. We can proudly confirm that our PCB manufacturing methods offer unbeatable prices for quick turn-around lead times at the best product quality. Simply leave us your specifications, and let our experienced sales support personnel and highly trained engineers get back to you with your exact requirements.

RushPCB Certifications

As RushPCB is certified for ISO 9001-2015 and AS 9000, we are fully equipped to supply products of outstanding functionality, quality, and reliability. We fabricate and assemble all our products in the US. Ranging from flex to rigid PCBs, we have full in-house capabilities, managed by staff with over twenty-five years of cumulative PCB manufacturing expertise.

As a leading electronics solutions manufacturing company, we have the capabilities to cater to a wide segment of PCB manufacturing services. Founded in 1997, we have, over the past two decades, partnered with various enterprises across a wide range of industries including consumer and automotive electronics, gaming, RF and wireless, nuclear, defense, and aerospace.

With a mission to build abiding relationships via collaborating with enterprises in an open and trusting environment, we render value with on our advanced capabilities including production, testing, quality, and logistics. With our AS 9000 and ISO 9001-2015 certification, we offer ourselves as a full service turnkey provider of custom electronics having the capability to provide a full range of skills starting from designing and prototyping to supplying new products and full volume production.

RushPCB Quality Standards

By making quality the cornerstone of all our activities, we continuously strive for improvement initiatives that include both internal as well as external factors related to PCB prototyping and full-scale PCB manufacture. We have invested in the latest technology, ensuring complete documentation, including ECNs and ECRs. We maintain a Quality Management System and track out vendors for quality, while we ensure all data requirements for customer quality remains on par with global benchmarks. For instance, our quality certificates include:

  • IPC-A-610 CLASS 1-2-3
  • MIL-STD-2000
  • ESD Safe Work Place
  • J Std 001E Class I, II, and III
  • FPF HDBK-263

We maintain a state of the art manufacturing facility with a full range of capabilities for manufacturing multi-layer PCBs from low to high volumes. We focus on technology so our capabilities are far superior to other manufacturers. For instance, some of our capabilities include automated stockrooms, automated selective soldering, multi-flex SMT lines equipped with in-line automated optical inspection capabilities, BGA x-ray, BGA install and rework facilities. Our test resources include highly qualified and trained engineers, functional and environmental test equipment, including ICT flying probe testing capabilities.

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RushPCB Services Offered

The full ranges of services we offer are:

  • Design & Multilayer PCB Layout
  • Multilayer PCB Manufacturing
  • Surface Mounted and Through Hole Assembly
  • Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical Assembly
  • Cable Harnessing and Connector Assembly
  • Final Product Assembly and Automated Testing Services
  • Components Purchasing Services
  • Complete Turnkey from Design to Finished Product
  • Prototyping & Production Assembly
  • Flow Soldering
  • Testing
  • Conformal Coating
  • Programming of EEPROM, Microprocessors & other IC’s

We specialize in design and layout of multilayer PCBs. We manufacture boards from two to 32 layers, offering full turnkey assemblies and quick turn consignments.

We specialize in high layer count PCBs using regular FR-4 and other exotic materials, for flexible, semi-flex, rigid, and HDI PCBs. We are specialists for micro-via drills, blind, and buried vias, and we can fill them with conductive and non-conductive fillings as required.

RushPCB Expertise

As an expert Printed Circuit Board manufacturer for fabrication and assembly, we produce all types of prototypes, and PCBs for short, medium, and long production runs. Using the customer’s design, we can create the layouts by orienting individual parts, produce the PCB, solder and assemble them together, and return finished PCBs to the customer.

We are entirely flexible towards the requirements of the customer. For instance, we can provide only the labor required for assembly of boards, or for partial turnkey assembly, we could purchase the parts for that and supply the labor for assembling them. If required for full turnkey assembly, we provide the design and labor, purchase the parts, and assemble the bare PCBs. We use automated machines for placing components and soldering them. This ensures precision and repeated installation.

Throughout the design and development process, our engineers work with the customer to ensure the product is manufacture able, has excellent quality, and consistency. For instance, we provide assistance for layer stacking, impedance calculations, and design for manufacturability. We also provide automated test systems to make sure everything works according to specifications.

Finally, RushPCB aims to deliver excellent quality printed circuit boards to the customers on time, every time. This makes us the leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturer in the USA.