BGA Routing and Impedance Control in HDI PCBs

Designers using BGA or Ball Grid Array ICs need HDI or High-Density Interconnect PCBs to make the most effective use of these high-density packages. Using multiple BGA components, when some of [...]

Generating Printed Circuit Board Documentation

Designers generate ideas that fabricators and assemblers subsequently convert into reality. While it is an important responsibility for fabricators and assemblers to faithfully follow the [...]

Manufacturing RF and High-Frequency Boards

The ITU or International Telecommunications Union considers the high frequency range of electromagnetic waves to extend from 3 MHz to 30 MHz, beyond which, the range extends to VHF or Very High [...]

Assembling Rigid-Flex PCBs

Rush PCB recommends using multi-layer rigid flexible printed circuit boards for reducing the weight and size of the assembly, improving circuit board reliability, PCB assembly flexibility, [...]