Factors Affecting the Longevity of Copper Bond

Fabricators of printed circuit boards (PCBs), such as Rush PCB Inc., know that throughout the working life of PCBs, the bonding between the copper traces and the laminate is very important. [...]

What You Should Know About Flex and Rigid Flex Circuit Board Manufacturing

Rush PCB Inc. makes different types of flex and rigid flex PCBs starting from single sided to double sided, and multi-layered. These boards are special in the sense they can be bent either once, [...]

How to Choose Professional PCB Prototype Assembler

  OEMs, especially those requiring only a few boards to be assembled, may want to outsource their Printed circuit boards to a professional PCB prototype assembler, rather than assemble the [...]

Advantages of Using a Consultancy for Circuit Board Manufacturing

Using a consultancy such as Rush PCB Inc. for PCB manufacturing services has its own advantages. PCB manufacturing involves several processes including etching, engraving, multi-layer processing, [...]