Selecting the Most Suitable PCB Contract Manufacturer

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OEMs look for the best Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer possible when they want to source boards for their products. An Internet search for popular PCB manufacturers within a specific region may throw up several options. For high quality PCBs, it is important to choose the most suitable PCB contract manufacturer that will fulfill all the requirements. One must consider several pointers for guidance towards to the right type of PCB supplier to ensure they supply PCBs of the best quality. Rush PCB proposes the following pointers;

Market Reputation

It is important to perform an extensive market search for the best PCB contract manufacturer in the locality. This will help in short-listing companies that offer high quality products at the best prices. A visit to their websites will show how they interact with their clients. At this stage, exploring the market orientation of a specific company is necessary, as this helps to know their reputation in the market.

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Certified Manufacturer

Selecting a PCB contract manufacturer that follows international standards such as ISO 9001, offers an assurance they will manufacture high quality products. Accredited companies follow established Quality Management programs that govern each aspect of their operation. One of the benefits of ISO 9001 is the focus on continual quality improvement that ensures they will keep tweaking their manufacturing processes to improve the quality of their products and services.

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Lead Times

Time-to-market is an extremely important factor for OEMs, as their success or failure in the market depends on it. The lead time from a contract manufacturer can affect this time-to-market factor in a major way. It is crucial for the OEM to find out from their contract manufacturer the lead time for a specific order before they commit.

Sometimes, specific products may need to meet emergency delivery times, and the PCB contract manufacturer should not only be willing to meet them, but they should also maintain the quality of the product. The PCB contract manufacturer must assure complete inspection of their products before delivery.

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Inspection Criteria

Good PCB contract manufacturers will follow strict international standards for inspection. It is usual for them to have stringent quality test for their products, which they will never agree to compromise. Select the PCB contract manufacturer who is very sure they will supply only zero-defect products. For this, one may have to check the inspection criteria the company follows before shortlisting them.

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Turnkey Services

Selecting a PCB contract manufacturer with capability of handling all types of PCBs is preferable. They should be able to fabricate HDI PCBs, high layer count PCBs, and must be able to handle the full range of electronics manufacturing services, including engineering PCB prototypes. A good PCB contract manufacturer must be capable of fabrication and assembly of prototypes, short runs, medium runs, and full production runs.

It is beneficial to have a PCB contract manufacturer who can take up partial or full turn-key assembly of PCBs with quality output. Such turnkey services can effectively reduce time-to-market for OEMs. However, before shortlisting them the OEM must make sure the PCB contract manufacturer can deliver on the turnkey service following the strictest quality standards.

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Pricing Options

Opting for the lowest quotation for a PCB is generally not a good idea as the manufacturer may compromise on the quality. OEMs should ask for quotes from different PCB suppliers, and shortlist those with prices on par with the quality of the product and its design. Selecting a high-quality product at a reasonable price has the advantage of being durable, while saving money. Moreover, high quality products will mean low field returns, and this will add to the reputation of the OEM.

PCB manufacturing processes evolve with the advancement in technology. Today, one can easily order a Complex PCB online and acquire it in about ten days. Moreover, there are several manufacturers in the market offering excellent PCB manufacturing and assembly services at a low cost. That makes it imperative to properly research the manufacturing organization before placing an order.


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