PCB Fabrication Making a World of Possibilities a Realty

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PCB Fabrication

The fabrication or manufacturing of printed circuit boards are the backbone of every computer operated piece of machinery on the market today.  The importance of the PCB should not be overlooked, without it we would not be able to enjoy all of the gadgets that have become a part of our daily routine and important part of our lives.  Just as technology advances so does the fabrication/manufacturing of the printed circuit board.  Chances are that you have benefitted from a PCB in form or the other and may not even be aware it.

Printed Circuit Boards Then

When thinking about PCB’s you may tend to think of what they are today if you are a tech savvy individual.  However, you may be surprised to learn the history of printed circuit board;

  • 1920 they made their debut, they could be made of materials such as Bakelite, Masonite, and sometimes wood.  Holes were made and brass wires were riveted and there you have it!  They were most widely used in radios.
  • 1947 the first double sided PCB with plated through holes was created
  • 1950-60 Advancements in the types of materials that were used to make them although they could only be printed on one side.  In 1956 the U.S. Patent Office granted a patent to scientists.  There process
    • They would draw a wire pattern
    • Photograph it into a zinc plate (creating a plate for the printing process)
    • They would use the plate to print the wire in an acid resistant ink on the copper foil
    • That could be etched by an acid solution
    • 1957 The Institute of Printed Circuits was formed.
    • 1960 Multilayer PCB production began
    • 1960’s and 70’s designers that had good experience would be able to layout and tape boards at a rate of two hours per 14-pin IC on the board
    • 1970’s you began to see changes in the size of the boards which were getting smaller, hot air soldering methods were being used and the RS-274-D was introduced
    • 1980’s Surface mounts were beginning to be used (led to reducing the size further)
    • 1986 saw the release of RS-274X
    • 1995 began using micro-via technology in fabrication
    • 1997 the ODB+++ was released to the general public
    • 2010 the production of Every Layer Interconnect began.

Printed Circuit Boards Now

Today printed circuit boards have evolved and become a part of our modern day technology.  Whether you are wearing a fit-bit, watch, or using an iPhone, the list can go on and on, you are benefitting from there sophisticated, delicate design that keeps the gadgets we depend on running smoothly.  The most exciting part is that this industry shows no signs of slowing down and guarantees new ways that will continue to improve our quality of life and enjoyment of all those gadgets that we can longer live without!  Just imagine what’s to come in the future as we continue to explore the untapped potential of the worlds technology!