Introduction to Drilling and Vias

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Drilling and Vias

At Rush PCB we understand that your circuit board fabrication and assembly order is your number one priority, and it’s ours, too. We strive to provide the highest-quality products, produced with the latest techniques for fabrication, and deliver all of our work with efficiency in mind. For projects needing High Density Interconnect components, we are at the cutting edge of HDI production, including understanding the newest foil patterns, Sequential Build-Up needs, and we are able to produce laser-drilled Micro-Vias.

In sequential buildup production (SBU), we construct one layer of dielectric foil patterns at a time, which allows for HDI Micro-Vias to be processed before each subsequent layer is added. We also prefer to use laser-drilled micro-vias because of their space-saving ability. These smaller drill-holes, made with laser precision, allow more space on your circuit boards for circuit traces. Also, because micro-vias link to only one foil at a time, the layers of foils can be stacked more efficiently, allowing for a more dense circuit which means higher processing capacity. For extra circuit stability, Rush PCB also fills our micro-vias to ensure overall board reliability, more stable connections, and better thermal regulation throughout the circuit board. Having filled micro-vias also keeps Via-In-Pads (VIPs), which are sometimes required for higher-density I/O components, smoother, in case traces of solder pads from the VIPs need to be connected.

Unlike other PCB drilling machines, which necessitate the use of drill bits in order to produce vias, laser drill allows for a greater degree of precision, and much less circuit board space needed for via placement.  We are able to drill very small hole diameters more precisely using laser drilling method than would be possible with a traditional drilling method, which increases our ability to produce high-density circuits.

Overall, Rush PCB’s turnkey circuit creation process will ensure that you get the highest-quality, most-reliable product, and quickly. We have all of the tools needed in order to produce whatever layout of circuit board, or related components, you might require for your circuitry needs including VIPs, SBUs, and HDIs in addition to micro-vias. We can also work with you by pairing you with one of our knowledgeable and skilled designers, to draft a printed circuit board that is laid out in the most efficient way possible.  We can work within a budget for a production run of any size and have several pricing options available. Our design and production staff, are up-to-date in all of the latest PCB practices and industry trends. With us, there is also no need to consult a different supplier for your design, production, and component construction. We can handle everything for you, from start to finish, all in one place.

Please contact us today for a quote. No project is too big or too small. Also, for our repeat customers, we store all of your order details, to make future reordering as simple as possible. We look forward to working with you!

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