What is Full Turnkey PCB Service?

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Rush PCB is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer in the US, and we specialize in providing professional services starting from prototyping to manufacturing of PCBs. We also source electronic components for our customers and take up PCB assembly. We offer turnkey services for our customers involving all aspects of any PCB project. We provide our customers products they can immediately use.

At Rush PCB, we only ask for the Gerber files and the Bill of Materials (BOM) from our customers. In return, we give back a perfectly finished board with the highest quality that performs perfectly. Our customers get their PCB within the shortest time possible, while they do not have to leave their offices. However, we provide more with our turnkey services.

Full Turnkey PCB Service Provider

As a professional full turnkey PCB service provider, Rush PCB begins with a thorough evaluation of the customer’s project, and proceed through dealing with issues in the design to provide the customer with both systemic and specific solutions. Our detailed assessment of the customer’s project is the first step towards achieving effective PCB fabrication, components mounting, and testing. Working with a single-window service provider such as Rush PCB, our customers do not need to worry about further sub-contracting, thereby simplifying their project management.

Single-Window Service Provider

During the entire project, customers need to contact only one supplier, rather than face several contacts and negotiate payments for each part of the job. At Rush PCB, we provide all the resources, a state-of-the-art in-house fabrication shop, and all that is necessary to complete a project in the best possible manner. Starting from drafting technicians to experienced engineers to fabrication technicians to merchandisers to sales personnel, Rush PCB can handle all nuances of the project. We offer whatever the customer needs while following a scientific management system and an international quality control system.

Customized Services

At Rush PCB, we understand that different customers have various requirements, and we provide customized solutions to meet all types of demands—irrespective of the stage of PCB manufacturing of the customer. Our fully automated production lines and reliable component sourcing services guarantee high-quality outcomes. Rush PCB offers three types of services such as:

Full Turnkey Services — this includes PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and testing.

Manufacturing and Assembly Services — this includes PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly services with customer provided electronic components.

Assembly Services — this includes PCB assembly of customer suppled electronic components and customer supplied PCBs.

Therefore, Rush PCB offers personalized turnkey services, but with a far lower cost-to-performance ratio than our competitors offer in the market. Our customers find our entire process fast, with drastic reductions in execution times and cost.

High speed PCB

With our full turnkey services, Rush PCB aims to improve the customer experience, offer better fabrication efficiency, ensure quality standards, while decreasing logistical bottlenecks. We help our customers in developing their projects at a reduced cost, but with higher quality than what is available in the market.


Advantages of Rush PCB Full Turnkey PCB Services

With our full turnkey PCB services, Rush PCB offers the buyer greater freedom to focus on what they are good at—PCB design, while we take care of the rest. That is the reason our full turnkey PCB services is fast becoming the leading form of one-stop electronic assembly. Not only does our professional team skillfully manage the entire project from contact to delivery, we make the entire electronic assembly process as seamless and smooth as possible. As a customer, or full turnkey PCB services offers the following advantages:

  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Lower Costs
  • Transparent Monitoring
  • Ease of Quoting Online

As our customer approaches only a single contractor for the four phases in their project—PCB fabrication, components procurement, PCB assembly, and testing—they save a lot of time. The full turnkey PCB service of Rush PCB is a highly efficient form of activity that allows customers to save the time they would otherwise have spent in consulting different suppliers separately for the PCB and electronic components.

Approaching a single contractor has another advantage—it is cheaper than going to separate suppliers—there is overall reduction in expenses. For instance, the customer saves on freight, which they would have incurred when different suppliers deliver manufactured PCBs and electronic components to the assembly workshop.

For an OEM, the electronic assembly process intrinsically links the product’s performance and its time-to-market. Rush PCB’s full turnkey PCB services allow design engineers to be aware of what is happening at each stage as we provide transparent monitoring—this is not possible if there are several suppliers for the designers to monitor.

Furthermore, Rush PCB offers online quoting, where the customer can simply input their project specifications and desired quantities on our website to get a comprehensive quote. We store all customer requests and information on our cloud, and customers can simply reorder circuit boards anytime in the future. Visit our website today and get your quote in record time.