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Rush PCB, Inc., has openings for a Business Systems Analyst in San Jose, CA.

Job title:   Business Systems Analyst

Job duration: 40 Hours / Week, Permanent position, Full time

Job duties: Monitor and recommend improvements to an organizations software, hardware and business systems. Work closely with executive team members to understand business and client requirements and implement processes to meet those needs. Oversee the analysis and development of a company’s business operations. Analyze requirements, estimate cost, and establish system protocols. Identify effective solutions for business software system issues, examine current and new business procedures, report common patterns, questions, and other issues to management. Recommend solutions for improving and restructuring company procedures by assessing company performance, information, and plans through conducting regular tests and analysis. Monitor company systems status and report any progress or changes, upgrades and improvements. Use both business and information technology tools to evaluate a

company’s operating systems and procedures and design improvements. Typically consult with managers or other leaders of functional areas to understand how they use IT systems, research emerging technologies that might be a good fit for the company, analyze costs and benefits, implement new systems and train the systems users, or write instruction manuals. Act as a bridge between departments to help IT members understand business objectives and help management professionals understand technological solutions. Tech-translator and will use techniques like data modeling to design computer systems, analyze data to understand trends, and prepare documents for programmers or engineers to use when building a system.


Job Requirements: Required Associate degree or foreign equivalent in Business Management, CS, CIS, MIS, or any related field + 2 years of experience with the same or similar job duties but given another designation. Must be able to travel/relocate to various client sites throughout the U.S.


Location of Work: Rush PCB, Inc., 500 Yosemite Drive.
# 106 Milpitas, CA  95035


To contact or to apply please send resumes to HR Manager, 500 Yosemite Drive, # 106  Milpitas, CA  95035  or Email resumes to [email protected].

To contact or to apply please send resumes to HR Manager, 500 Yosemite Drive,
# 106  Milpitas, CA  95035 or Email resumes to [email protected].