Pros and Cons of using OSP as Surface Finish

Lately, the trend in form factors of electronic gadgets is increasingly towards lightweight, slim, and miniaturized. On the other hand, these new gadgets have a far greater level of functionality [...]

Dome Switches with Flex Circuits

Rush PCB Inc. makes several types of switches on flex circuits. One of the popular momentary switches is dome switches. They are useful as they provide tactile feedback when operated. Many [...]

Importance of Tool Holes in PCBs

Most printed circuit boards from Rush PCB have holes in their periphery. These are Tool Holes, Locating Holes, or Mounting Holes, necessary for fixing the board on different machines during [...]

Which is Better — Plate Mounted or PCB Mounted Switches.

Rush PCB Inc. makes various types of PCBs, including those for keyboards. Many customers would like to know what makes a better keyboard, and whether they should use plate mounted or PCB mounted [...]