PCB Assembly : The Importance of Oxygen Barrier in Solder Pastes

A common example of cases where the solder barrier was insufficient is seen in the graping defect, or its relative, the head-in-pillow defect. If you are experiencing one of these defects, a [...]

PCB Fabrication :Electroless Nickel / Electroless Palladium / Immersion Gold (ENEPIG)

A final finish, which was already introduced more than ten years ago, is now receiving renewed attention because of its suitability for both Pb-free soldering and wire bonding applications, [...]

Surface Finish of PCBs and Solderability

In order to maintain the solderability of PCBs over a period of storage time, it is necessary to protect the copper surface mount pads with solderable surface finish. Up to now the most common [...]