Quality Control for PCB Assembly

A printed circuit board (PCB) is the foundation of any electronic product and if its quality is not up to par, the entire machine will not be operational. But how can you know if your PCB has [...]


If the shoe doesn’t fit, can you still wear it? You might have to if they are the only shoes available. In this case, the SMD packages for this PCB assembly application are actually wider than [...]

A Sticky Situation

The surface tension of liquidus solder exerts a considerable pulling force on a component during reflow. This is why, once upon a time, small components could be relied on to self-align on SMT [...]

Coming Up Short

In another PCB assembly challenge, the customer’s BoM called for a through-hole header part to be installed on a circuit board, a mixed technology (SMT and PTH) assembly. A problem became [...]

Chemical Free PCB Fabrication and Assembly

Harmful chemicals and the need to eliminate them from the environment is an issue that is becoming increasingly important now. Exposure to these toxins is not only harmful to the workers in the [...]