RUSH PCB is recognised as one of the leading companies who provides instant Online price of Flexible & Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards,

We have over 30years of experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of Flexible and Flexible Rigid Printed Circuit Boards. The Company, based in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California. Our manufacturing facility from which our team provides world class expertise in flexible and flex-rigid circuit design and manufacture across a broad base of technologies, RUCH PCB INC,.has a leading role in managing original turnkey projects for our customers and has applied expertise within the demanding military , medical, aerospace and telecoms industries.

Products range from straightforward single sided and plated through flex, to multilayer flex rigid: including Dual access and floating lead, blind and buried vias, sequential build and controlled and differential impedance.

You can obtain instant Flex or Rigid Flex quote from 2-10 Layers or Email us your Gerbers & BOM for RFQ at call us at 408-496-6013 if you need further Assistance.

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  Flex PCB & Rigid Flex Capabilities:
•  1-30 layers
•  Vaccum Lamination
•  Sequential Lamination.
•  Laser Route
•  Counter Sinks/Sounter Bores
•  Stacked Vais/Blind/Buried Vias
•  Heavy Copper 6 oz, Flex PCB & Rigid Flex.
•  Conductive & Non Conductive via Fill,
•  Plated Edge ,Castallation,
•  Hard Gold Body, Imm. Gold,Soft Bonable Gold.