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    Hello Imran and everybody else,
    Thank you for your amazing job with "Charger-14_C"! I checked connections and it looks as everything is right! I am very impressed, especially with U1 and U2 units. I will let you know how it works after I finish debugging.
    I would like to ask you what was more difficult to do and how I can improve the design for the next time.
    Thanks! Sincerely yours,
    Lev Freidin, Senior Design Engineer


    Hi Ricky,
    We received the 10 Assemble boards and I wanted to let you know they look great! Thank you! Now that you probably have a flow going, do you know yet at what rate we can expect them back?


    Hi Roy,
    I want to voice my appreciation for the initial ramp up of the fabrication, the team at Rush PCB had great communication with us, and we have noticed 0 fabrication/assembly issues with the boards as we've been going through bring up, saving us potentially days/weeks of debugging.
    I appreciate you guys taking the time to clear this up, and look forward to working with you guys again.
    Jake Vander Ploeg,


    Beautiful! We approve. Well done and thank you Naresh and your group for your patience on our needing to get the pcb design details just right for this project. It all helps keep the assemblers from swearing at the engineers. We appreciate it very much.
    Design Engineer


    Hi Team,
    A big Thank You to the Rush team for a great job! Boards were delivered on time and the build quality is excellent. Board bring-up is going very smoothly.
    Thanks again,
    Duncan McDonald


    Hi Roy,
    Hope you are well. I am reaching out from Elon Musk’s office, as he’d like to see if we might arrange a quick call. Tomorrow is a bit in flux, but I wanted to see if a call around 5:00pm PT tomorrow might suit?
    Best ,
    Emma Gallagher
    Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO SpaceX | Tesla


    Dear Rush PCB Sales Team,
    I just wanted to say thanks for your help last month with several extra-rushed PCBs which allowed my team to meet what seemed like an impossible deadline. I also greatly appreciate your patience with our billing issues while our lab head was inaccessible during the last order. I realize these instances are the reason why it’s unusual to process an order before receiving a PO.
    Your efficiency, service and level of professionalism were truly impressive, and I look forward to working with you again in future projects.
    Best Regards,


    Hi Imran,
    Just wanted to let you and your team know that we received the full EP4&5 boards and the look and work great.
    Please let everyone know we are happy with your service.

    Vince Rizzo


    Hi Imran,
    Good to hear from you too. Synapse does a lot of boards and assembly so I hope more business comes your way.
    I always found you guys very responsive and to have high quality work.

    Senior Hardware Engineer


    Hello Rush PCB team,
    We received the parts today and as usual they are perfect!!
    Thanks again for your support. Hope to work with you guys soon,
    Till then, take care.

    Saurabh Wakchaure
    Assistant Engineer


    Imran and Akber,
    1st and foremost, I wish Imran my best wishes for his marriage. Congratulations!
    I also would like to thank Roy for his time the other day on my various technical questions. It was very helpful.
    Thanks for all your support through-out the year.

    Stevan Davidovich
    General Manager and Principal Engineer


    Hello RUSH Team,
    I just programmed the new flex and they are functioning 100%.
    Excellent Job Team !!
    Best regards,
    Victor M Valenzuela
    VP of Product Development


    Hi Imran,
    Thank you for finishing the boards yesterday and providing prompt notification and tracking information. The boards were delivered today.
    Please pass along my thanks to the rest of the Rush PCB team.
    Best regards,


    Hi Say,
    I’m impressed, you guys really do some amazing work!

    Senior Electrical Engineer


    Hi Ricky,
    I received the new batch of assemble Audiocom boards yesterday and all indications are you did a great job!

    Thank you,
    Gary Baker


    Hello Team,
    This is exultant work, there is some minor changes. These changes will help us in assembly level at our end.
    Francis is checking on his end to give you his feedback.
    We are 98% there. Awesome JOB !!!

    Best Regards,
    Victor M Valenzuela
    VP of Product Development


    We received the reworked ETR_3PHASECURRENTSENSE_REVA PCBs, and they look great.
    Thank you so much for completing the rush job in one day and getting the boards sent back to us promptly!
    Best Regards,
    Shaun Snyder
    Senior Electrical Engineer


    Hey Roy,
    Just got the boards, they look really good and appear to be fully functional.
    Thanks a lot!

    Michael R. Klimek
    Principal Systems Engineer
    Optical Security and Performance Products


    Hello Imran,
    I received the remainder of the flex boards late last week. Thank you very much for the delivery and the VERY NICE work. Everyone here is impressed. You are making me look good.
    Could I trouble you for the status of the stencils please? I placed that order last Thursday. Thanks.

    Ted Stokes -Sr. Applications Engineering Manager


    Hi Jessica,
    Just to say thank you for successfully building the two sets of units. I'm very pleased with the way you and your team handled the build, and with the quality of the work. Hope to work with you again in future.


    Hello Rush PCB,
    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for the support in the recent fab and assembly of the three pcbs that we were able to get on an extremely tight schedule.
    You guys definitely came through for us and your team was very easy to work with and the availability and communication was first rate. And most importantly, all of the boards turned out great � the quality was excellent and we yielded 100% of the boards that were built!
    You definitely helped us get past a critical milestone of our project.
    (and shortly, I�ll be sending an email to request a quote to build some additional boards � with a much more �normal� timeline)
    Greg Geerling
    Principal Field Applications Engineer


    Hello Imran,
    That is a great Full Turnkey price - I saw your quote after going with another bid, I never dreamed you would be as competitive as the other shop (and they'll take twice as long).
    Next time (will be soon) I'll wait for your bid, I am very sorry, I'm kicking myself right now.

    Christian Miller
    R&D Engineering Manager


    Hi Ricky/Roy,
    I got all the assemble boards. Quality is really good, thank you very much.

    Avinash Pai
    Senior Design Engineer


    Hi Imran/Ricky,
    We tested the assemble boards and they work and look great. Just want to say thanks a lot for making them on time and we look forward with doing business with you again.

    V.P. Enginerring


    Imran and Ricky,
    Everything powered-up, programmed, and the amplifiers look in the range I wanted.
    Good job.

    Mike Lindsey


    Imran and Ricky,
    I've just completed testing and the boards look and function very well! Thank you for working with me though this process, and getting the boards out on time despite some timing challenges with one of the parts vendors ( handling the one through-hole part I accidentally sent you).
    I have enjoyed working with you and will look to use RushPCB for more of my PCB and assembly needs.
    Thanks Again,
    Best Regards,.
    Don Kark


    Hi Imran,
    It is really nice to know that before we assemble everything on the PCB.
    Your PCB planning team really did a nice work by carefully revising/correcting my design. I can even see you changed my silkscreen fonts for better view, which may take quite a lot of time and effort.
    Also thanks for your quick response for my enquiries. Our institution has very strict and complicated purchasing procedure and thanks for your understanding and supporting. Your good job allow us to finish the project ahead of time.
    Thank you.


    Dear Roy and Ricky,
    Thank you again very much for the huge effort for keeping the shop open on holidays for our assemblies.
    Two boards programmed perfectly. We don't know yet if everything is OK but it is a fabulous beginning.The soldering looks beautiful under the stereo microscope.
    PS It is good you didn't try to solder the screws in the countersunk holes because we sent the wrong ones. Those were stainless steel.


    Hi Roy,
    The workmanship coming in has been so flawless that I recently reduced our incoming inspection to a sampling plan. So now we only look at a few out of an entire lot rather than every board you ship per week! Nice work!!
    Regarding lunch…. I’m never great at forecasting my availability so I say your best bet is plan it out with Tom and I will try to tag along.

    Larry -Senior Design Engineer


    The boards you produced are working very well, 24/7 for more than a week now.
    The people who offered a cheaper system then we can build have told us that they really can't. So we are back into building our own systems.
    We have modified the previous design slightly and I need 1250 pcs full turnkey in 10 days of the attached gerbers.
    Can you please give me a quote ASAP?
    Thanks ,

    Patricio -Sr. Design Engineer


    Roy and Ricky,
    I received the cards today and tested them and they’re perfect.... thank you!
    We would like to have the balance of both orders (645 pcs + 223 pcs.) in Waco on Friday Sept. 13, 2013, which means you would have to ship them on Thursday Sept. 12, 2013. Could you do this without sacrificing quality?
    Thanks again,


    Larry Kirby -Design Engineer


    You guys are an incredibly quick, professional and reliable service and I recommend you at every opportunity inside my company (we are growing very quickly). Your turn around on these boards is greatly appreciated. It is a direct contribution to our manufacturing capability. I will be happy to point you to some press releases when this product goes to market and show where you guys added in. The design was not easy to build with laser drill, 3 mil line and spacing, control impedance, 663 parts per board, Total of 80 BOM line items. You guys turn around full Turnkey in 5 days….Amazing work. Much appreciated.


    Joe -Senior Design Enginner


    Hi Roy,
    Thanks. I'm really behind the eight ball on this one.. Anything you can do! By the way those quick 3 days turn boards & assembly you did are working perfectly!


    John -CFO/Senior Design Engineer


    Hi Roy,
    Thanks! I am looking forward to getting the boards and building/selling them. You've earned some serious customer loyalty, that's for sure!


    Les Hall -Senior Design Engineer


    Hi Ricky,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did. We are about 50% through our testing and everything looks great so far. This high quality and speed on this job has really made a difference in achieving our ramp and time-to-market schedule.


    Joe -Senior Electrical Engineer


    Hi Roy,
    Got those four boards and once again, perfect!

    Thanks for such great service!!

    John DeCesare -Design Engineer


    Hi Roy,
    I’ve received the 12 layers Polyimide assemblies. Beautifully done PWAs; Boards and Assembly workmanship is very impressive.


    Ron M -Design Engineer


    Just finalizing this now and you will have it to you shortly.As for the PO for the 10 pcs, we dont require this at this point.Any parts you cant obtain, I may have stock here and can put them on myself

    Thanks Roy

    Robert Patterson, B.Tech -Engineering Supervisor, TPMS


    We have the Boost and Rectifier assembled boards in - so far they look excellent. Great work guys.

    Mike, -Design Engineer


    I am sending the pictures of the product that we have been working on using the PCB that we purchased from you. I like seeing the finished product when I work on projects so I thought I’d share. The suitcase contains the ACM board. The two longer plastic cases contain the FM16 PCB, controller PCB, radio PCB, and power supply PCB. The shorter module contains, GPM PCB, power supply PCB, controller PCB, and radio PCB. Many thanks to all of you who helped us get this far.




    Roy, Ricky,
    I just wanted to say thanks for the good work on the quick turn PCB that we just placed with you guys. The quality is great, and I appreciate how easy it is to deal with you guys.

    Thanks again,



    Just wanted to commend you guys on your work on our PCB's. They look great and perform just as they should.We will be using you guys more in the future for our PCB order.

    Zane L. Brown -Senior Product Designer