Keeping Things on the Level

Sometimes, in PCB assembly, it’s not the layout of the SMT PCB that creates issues, but the design of the part itself, or the plan for the part’s location, given its dimensions. We have to ask [...]

Stop the Drop: Fixturing a Heavy SMT Component Saves Time, Money

Double-sided SMT PCBs are usually no problem to solder; two passes, and the bottom-side components are held in place with SMA adhesive. But occasionally, a large or heavy component on the bottom [...]

Solder Mask Design Changes Help Prevent BGA Pad Lifting

Damaged and/or lifted BGA pads on a PCB Assembly are a common problem during BGA rework. Lifted pads are most commonly the result of overheating during the rework process, and also occasionally [...]

Down the Drain

1. Problem: Insufficient solder, i.e., ‘Starved’ solder joint on one of the SMD pads. In the first close-up photo of a PCB assembly, It seems as though solder has flowed ‘down the drain’ and away [...]